Cross Country League



For those of you who haven’t experienced the joys of cross country (XC) running before – every year we participate in five cross country league races which are held on Sunday mornings.

The other clubs in this league are Harlow Running Club, Bishop’s Stortford Running Club, Ware Joggers and Hoddesdon Triathlon Club.

These races are open to all club members, are free to enter and do not require any pre-registration.

All runners must wear a club vest, and we would recommend that running shoes with a good grip are worn – trail or studded shoes are best.

Runners score points based on finishing position, and a combination of men and women finishers, and some veterans’ scores are used to calculate teams’ total points. Each club is only allowed a limited number of second-claim scorers. We can field as many runners as we like, and those who do not score themselves may affect the scores of other clubs, so we encourage all club members to participate.

The scoring system for 2016/17 will be based on the first 10 men (including 3 vets) and 6 ladies (including 2 vets) per club.

Refreshments are supplied at the end of every race by the host club (£1 contribution per person please towards costs) and the team results are then announced on the day.

NEW for the 2016/17 XC season – new results method, which will be based on the Parkrun scanning system. It will rely on people registering for a ‘Parkrun ID’ and bringing it to each XC event to scan after finishing, along with a finish position token. As a backup the finish tokens will have a readable number as well as a barcode number, so it should be possible to use the traditional pen and paper method for results as well. So don’t forget and sign up for your Parkrun ID here


Race dates and locations for the 2016/17 season have now been confirmed as follows:-

Race 1: Harlow RC – 4th December – results

Race 2: Ware Joggers – 11th December – results

Race 3: Saffron Striders RC – 29th January – results

Race 4: Hoddesdon Tri Club – 19th February – results

Race 5: Bishop’s Stortford – 26th February – results


In 2012, we won the men’s series trophy and were runners up in the ladies! We also managed to retain the overall club trophy (winners for the 3rd consecutive year).

In 2016/17 the men were tied 4th overall with Hoddesdon Tri Club and the ladies 3rd, with the club coming 4th overall. Congratulations to Bishop’s Stortford running club 1st male team, Ware Joggers, 1st ladies team and the overall team winners Bishop’s Stortford.

Congratulations to Striders Fliss Tournant, 1st Senior Female and Fiona Halls, 1st FV35 for the whole series in 2016/2017

For further details contact John James at

Tables after 3 races:

 1 Ware Joggers 314 28
 2 Bishop’s Stortford 469 24
 3 Saffron Striders 713 19
 4 Harlow RC 623 17
 5 Hoddesdon Triathlon Club 1518 11
 6 Walden Tri 2410 6
 1 Bishop’s Stortford 792 29
 2 Ware Joggers 1026 26
 3 Harlow RC 2011 16
 4 Saffron Striders 2445 14
 5 Hoddesdon Triathlon Club 2309 14
 6 Walden Tri 4996 6
 1 Bishop’s Stortford 1261 28
 2 Ware Joggers 1340 27
 3 Harlow RC 2635 17
 4 Saffron Striders 3157 14
 5 Hoddesdon Triathlon Club 3827 13
 6 Walden Tri 7566 6