Personal Training Plans

If you need help with a training plan for distances over 3k and  up to half marathon, Mike or Graeme may be able to help build a personal one with you. Please email      with your ideas to arrange an initial chat. If you want to specify which of the coaches you would prefer to work with, please do, we dont mind at all.

What you will need before a plan can begin:-

  1. Your clear and acheivable goal for the training (to be agreed with Mike or Graeme)
  2. Background information on your daily training over the last 4 weeks (Written down, we can supply form)
  3. Sufficient available training days each week
  4. Running watch with link to Strava

Graeme Loudain – October 2019

These notes are published as a general aid to all endurance runners. They are guidelines based on current best practice, intended to illustrate the points in the articles rather than provide a precise training schedule. They are written in a way to be of help to runners. Individuals will have their own requirements and the content of the notes will not suit all. Please use them in the spirit in which they are intended and modify them to suit your own needs. If you have suggestions for improvement, amendments or comment, please email