Club Awards and Records

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Strider of the Year

This award, first presented in 1992, is voted for by club members and is given to the person who has contributed the most to the club over the preceding year.

Graeme Loudain


1992 Christine Suckling
1993 Shelia Watson
1994 Pauline Beckwith
1995 Geoff Suckling
1996 Daniel Perry
1997 Simon Taylor
1998 Tom Pickford
1999 Clare Parry
2000 John Howe
2001 Andrea Mahoney

2002 Nigel Coates
2003 Nick Mahoney
2004 Steve White
2005 Ros Barker
2006 Gavin Long
2007 Chris Dodge
2008 Claire Waters
2009 Robert Woodward
2010 Keith Savill
2011 Fiona Halls

2012 Bridget Savill
2013 James Hewlett
2014 Alistair Cooke
2015 John James
2016 Nigel Coates
2017 Alan Jones
2018 Michael Bradley
2019 Kate Holden
2020 Alan Jones
2021 Graeme Loudain

 James Kew Trophy

First presented in 2012, this trophy is given to the Strider who has run a marathon in the preceding year. It is decided by the committee and is given in memory of Saffron Strider James Kew.

Lucie Heanley


2012 Ian MacDougall
2013 Rebecca White
2014 Carol White
Marco Arcidiacono

2016 Baz Taylor
2017 Cindy Drinnan
2018 Iain Henley

2019 Mark and Nikki Coutts
2020 Fliss Tournant
2021 Lucie Heanley

 Steve White Trophy

First presented in 2022, this trophy (in memory of Saffron Strider Steve White) is given to the Strider who has taken on challenging off-road events, reflecting Steve’s love of trail and fell running.

Iain Henley


2021 Iain Henley

Most Promising Newcomer (formerly Coach’s Award)

Presented by the club coaches to a new member who has shown the most improvement and commitment to the club over the previous year. Formerly (from 2011-2017), the person who has contributed the most through coaching and supporting other Saffron Striders.

Flo Greatrix


2011 James and Helen Hewlett
2012 Bridget Savill
2013 Simon Chambers
2014 Mike Bradley

2015 Iain Rogers
2016 Jonathan Moller
2017 Linda Brett
2018 Tina Hamilton

2019 Sam Scheibel
2020 Sue Hayden
2021 Flo Greatrix

Club Championship

Awarded to the person who achieves the highest score over 8 races with points awarded based on age graded performance in each race.

Nick White


2009 Janet Lipski, 188 points
2010 Andrew Mynott, 223 points
2011 Andrew Mynott, 182 points
2012 Toby Lumsden, 631 points
2013 Andy Bryant, 647 points
2014 James Hewlett, 611 points
2015 Toby Lumsden, 695 points

2016 Nigel Coates, 707 points
2017 Tony Bacon, 639 points
2018 June Brennan, 702 points
2019 June Brennan, 667 points
2020 Kate Holden, 102 points (results up to March 2020)
2021 Nick White, 419 points (virtual event)

Chairman’s Award

Awarded by the Club Chairman to the person who has made a significant contribution to the club

Mark Fitzhenry


2018 Kate Holden
2019 Graeme Loudain

2020 Alan Jones
2021 Mark Fitzhenry

Club records


5KJosh Entwistle15:12Hockeys 5k CTC/HI 2022
Bryn Reynolds15:31BMC 5k 2016
Andy Mynott15:58KH 5k CTC 2014
Alex Smith16:325km Road Race Prestwold Hall 2021
Craig Dyce16:34Hockeys 5k Carver 2022
10KBryn Reynolds31:38Eastleigh 10k 2010
Andy Mynott33:24Chelmsford 10k 2013
Josh Entwistle33:49St Clare’s Hospice 10k Sept 2021
Nick White34:53Abington 10k 2014
Seth Kennard34:48Sweatshop Cambridge 10k 2012
Half MarathonJosh Entwistle01:07:26Cambridge Half Marathon 2022
Bryn Reynolds01:09:52Reading Half 2010
Nick White01:14:10Cambridge Half 2017
Andy Mynott01:15:01Joe Cox Half 2011
Alex Smith01:16:03Cambridge Half 2020
MarathonBryn Reynolds02:31:16Virgin London Marathon 2010
Ian MacDougall02:43:52Paris Marathon 2012
Phil Robson02:44:00Flora London Marathon 2006
Nick White02:46:24MK Marathon 2019
Craig Dyce02:49:04London Marathon 2022


5KRebecca White18:57KH 5k CTC 2017
Fiona Tideswell19:30KH 5k CTC 2011
Marianne Naylor19:39KH 5k Saffron Walden 2016
Fiona Halls19:40KH 5k C & C 2011
Fliss Tournant19:58KH 5k C & C 2019
10KRebecca White39:24Chelmsford 10k 2017
Fiona Tideswell39:26Hatfield Broad Oak 2012
Marianne Naylor39:42Hatfield Broad Oak 2017
Fiona Halls39:54Bonfire Burn 2011
Fliss Tournant40:10Cambridge Town & Gown 2021
Half MarathonRebecca White01:27:45Cambridge Half 2016
Fiona Halls01:27:59Great Bentley Half 2012
Fiona Tideswell01:28:25Brentwood Half 2011
Sarah Switzer01:30:01Cambridge Half 2018
Marianne Naylor01:32:18Pleshey & Essex Half 2017
MarathonRos Barker03:00:31Flora London Marathon 2008
Shelley Menell03:10:00London Marathon 2022
Rebecca White03:11:59Boston (UK) Marathon 2019
Fiona Tideswell03:12:44Flora London Marathon 2011
Fiona Halls03:18:44Flora London Marathon 2011