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Strider of the Year for 2023
Kerry Harrington, well deserved

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Saffron Striders

As the name suggests we are a running club. We have around 250 members drawn from the town and local villages, and cater for all abilities from “keep fit” to marathon and beyond.

A brief history

“Striders” was formed in 1989 by Gay Jeffery as a ladies club, running from the local supermarket car park! Men joined in 1990 and now (and not just because of the men) we find ourselves based at the Lord Butler Leisure Centre and Carver Barracks Airfield.

When we meet

We meet weekly every Tuesday evening alternating between Lord Butler Leisure Centre and Carver Barracks airfield. There are also other club training sessions at various times through the year, such as circuit training on Thursdays in the winter, and a beginners’ course over 10 weeks each spring. We have some favoured runs around the town and country lanes and fields (light permitting), offering a varied degree of ease or difficulty, depending on your outlook.


Throughout the winter the club competes in a closed cross-country league in the local region. In the summer we compete in a 5k road race league, run in the evening, with five other local clubs. Club members also compete in a varied selection of races, locally, nationally and internationally, these are usually on a Sunday morning. We host our own races including a “Fast 5” open held at Carver Barracks. Follow the links from this page for more details.

Club organisation

The general ethos of the club is for members to do what suits them. We do however, have a very active committee, organising lists and entry forms for running events, the sale of running kit at below shop prices, a library of relevant literature, a regular email newsletter, and various social events throughout the year.


We have a team of UKA qualified coaches who run a variety of training sessions, almost every week of the year. For example summer outdoor circuit training, winter gym core training and  hill running sessions from October onwards.

The social scene

Of course we have an annual dinner, who doesn’t? We go a bit further with a “Tinsel” run around the town at Christmas with mulled wine and mince pies “al fresco” in the Market Square. Then there are barbecues, wine tastings and anything else we can think of. Tuesday is the evening for “après run” in the Old English Gentleman, for an exchange of stories and a drink or two. WE ALSO DO SERIOUS RUNNING!

How to join

If you would like to come for a “try out”, please complete the Trial membership form before attending one of our sessions. Come suitably attired and join one of our groups who run at a variety of paces and distances (high speed marathon runners excepted). The annual subscription is terrific value and we can offer help to those who are hard pressed financially. There is a “no pressure” culture throughout. Full membership forms with details of club fees can be found here.

It’s fun! Come and join us!