Striders Run Routes

Our Tuesday evening training routes start and end at the Lord Butler Leisure Centre.

During the summer when we have enough evening light, runs are often along paths and trails through the countryside. The rest of the year we train around the town, using variations of the winter town circuit.

We always try and have run leaders on Tuesday evening, and also ask runners to keep an eye out for each other. You can also look into at using your watch or phone to help navigate – see below.

Winter Town Circuit

The basic 10.7km route takes us round the edge of the town, all on roads with streetlights. We also regularly run on the following routes: 5k Hollyhock Town Route, 5k Sheds Lane Town Route,  7k Beeches Close Town Route and 7k Homebase Town Route (see maps below and click for .gpx hyperlinks on STRAVA).

We also try and mix it up by running the courses in reverse, doing an out-and-back or interval sets. See the Race Calendar for what’s taking place each week.

10.7k Town Route
5k Hollyhock Town Route5k Sheds Lane Town Route
 7k Beeches Close Town Route 7k Homebase Town Route

Summer Trail Routes

There are endless combinations of tracks and paths that can be run in the country around Saffron Walden, but we try to stick to a few primary routes so that they become familiar over time.

Self Navigation

If you want to make sure you don’t get lost on a Tuesday evening run, or want to try the route yourself some other time, then there are some options to use tech to help. Note that this are not available for all routes yet.

Garmin Connect

Click on the Garmin Connect link below the route, which will take you to Garmin’s website and show the route. If you have a Garmin device which supports navigation and a Garmin Connect account, then you should see a “Send to Device” button so that the route can be uploaded to your Garmin device.


You need the Strava app on your phone (basic version is free). Load the routes page on your phone and click on the Strava link, which should load the route into the app and give you the “Use Route” option. You can then record running the route on your phone while it keeps you on course. It even gives you help in navigate back to the start at any time if you’ve had enough. More details from Strava.