Beginners Course

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Saffron Striders 2024 Beginners Running Course – Starts Thursday April 25th 2024 for 11 weeks

About Striders:-

Saffron Striders Running Club has about 200 members who live in or around the town.

There are an equal number of men and women, whose average age is around 46.

We have some very fast runners and a lot of relatively slow runners, we have many runners who prefer to run shortish distances and some who enjoy running over 100km. (Yes, incredible!) It doesn’t matter how slow or fast you want to be, all are welcome.

Because we run on roads in club sessions, for safety reasons members must be over 16.

Who is this course for?

Men or women of any age who would like a little help and support to be able to run 5km.

On our past courses we have found that many participants have not run for a long time, even going as far back as school days. Some used to run but stopped and wanted to get going again. Some have been injured runners who want to build up slowly back to fitness. 

What happens?

You must send in an application form to us in advance so we can record your details on the England Athletic database for insurance (Public Liability) and so we have your emergency contact details. The application forms will be available in late March 2024. In the meantime, if you want to register your interest please send an email to     . We will hold your details and then get in touch when it is time to make an application.

At every session we begin with a series of warm up drills to get your mind and body in the right place for running and to reduce the risk of injury. Then we will undertake a running based activity. We close with stretches to help avoid stiffness and again to reduce the risk of injury to muscles that you might not have used for a long time.

As you might imagine, over the 11 weeks each session becomes a little harder and the distance covered a little longer.

At all times UK Athletics licensed coaches will guide you, answer your questions and encourage you.

There is no pressure to go faster; we are building your endurance not your speed. It is not a race. Everyone will go at their own pace, it makes no difference if you are fastest or slowest and you should not think it does.


We will be at Carver Airfield and Running Track for the entire course. The entry is 200metres from Debden Barns.

What do I wear?

You must have shoes appropriate for running. Apart from that what you wear is your choice, make your clothing appropriate to the weather and how hot or cold you get when doing exercise. It is not a fashion show.

Food and Drink?

No need for any food at the session, in fact we would recommend that you do not eat anything substantial less than 2 hours before you train. Drinks are essential, water is perfectly adequate; bring with you to your training session.

Shirts and ICE tags

We ask for your shirt size and the name you would like printed on the shirt (usually your first name) on the application form.  Our shirt supplier is already lined up so that we can provide you with a personalised Striders T Shirt very quickly. That helps everyone know each other’s names.  Your coaches will also be wearing different Striders coaching shirts with their names on to help you.

After a few weeks we will be able to present you with your ICE (in Case of Emergency) tags. These are small plastic tags that you can attach to your shoe (if you wish) showing your name, your emergency contact and any health issues. In the event of an emergency it allows fast response. You can carry this with you at any time, not just when training.


As soon as we get your application form and payment, we register you with England Athletics and order your shirt and ICE tags. We have to pay for all of these up front, so if you don’t start the course or you drop out for any reason, we are sorry but there are no refunds because your payment to us has already been spent.


At the end of each Thursday evening session, we will be giving you homework. The homework should be done by Tuesday evening at the latest; it should not be done on the evening before the session. To run 5km after 11 weeks, you will need to be good and complete your homework!

After the course ends?

Then you are really welcome to join our club runs which take place every Tuesday evening for 51 weeks of the year.  There are various types of run each Tuesday evening, including a 4km run. As you are a member there is no cost.

On Thursday evenings in summer there are also likely to be sessions about Running Drills and strength building.

We also have a variety of other training session that include hill runs and trail runs. You will find out more as you read our monthly newsletters. Again, these are free and you are welcome.

To join the course

The 2024 application form will be available soon to download.