Guide Runners

On Tuesday evening club runs, each of the distance or pace groups will be accompanied by one or more Guide Runners. Their aim? To direct, manage and ensure the safety of the group. Shepherds! 

The plan is for two or more Guide Runners to run with 6km and 8km groups (front and back), and one or more for the full distance group (near back).

Having a Guide Runner with each group provides a means of maintaining runners safety, with each carrying  basic first aid equipment and a mobile phone.

If you would like to volunteer as a Guide Runner, please email Graeme on

What we expect of all Striders who take part on a Tuesday evening club run. Thank you!

  • Arrive with Hi Vis top if dark and head/chest torches if possible. These can help navigate uneven or unlit pavements.
  • Run only if fit and healthy.
  • Choose a distance you can run and still be back at LB by 9pm.
  • Find out who your Guide Runner is.
  • Make an effort to learn the routes around Town.
  • Keep Guide Runner informed of any issues. If you need help, ask for it!
  • It is essential you tell your Guide Runner if you are cutting out of group, although we would prefer everyone to run back to LB before heading home.
6km or slower group 8km full distance or faster group
03/03/2020 town circuit time trial Linda Brett Vivienne Prentice Nikki Coutts Iain Rogers Nigel Coates Toby Lumsden
10/03/2020 town circuit mirror run Sue Grant Mike Bradley  xxxxxx  xxxxxx Charlotte Diggins Joe Hall
17/03/2020 town circuit intervals Jo Dallas Anna Cooper  xxxxxx  xxxxxx Sam Scheibel Al Cooke
24/03/2020 town circuit reverse Nadia Marson Shani Lewis Melissa Sangha Marco Arcidiacono Tim McMahon John James
31/03/2020 chairman choice

headtorch or

 xxxxxx xxxxxx  xxxxxx  xxxxxx  Alan Jones  Iain Henley
31/03/2020 chairman choice  reverse mirror  Kate Poulter  David Tew xxxxxx  xxxxxx  Alan Jones  Iain Henley
07/04/2020 town circuit time trial  Paula Thurston  Kathryne Gill Mark Fitzhenry  Mayank Seth  Helen Howard  Rebecca White
14/04/2020 town circuit mirror run  tba  tba xxxxxx  xxxxxx  Kate Holden  See if needed
21/04/2020 town circuit intervals  tba  tba xxxxxx  xxxxxx   Lee Gamble  See if needed