Important Club Notice Regarding Covid-19

Message from Al Cooke posted on Facebook 16th March 2020

Sadly, and it is really heart breaking to say this but with the recent announcement today from UK government regarding social distancing and avoiding large groups we need to currently suspend club events including our regular Tuesday night meets at the Lord Butler Centre and remaining Thursday night Core&Circuits at the Granta School.

Our club is like family and an important part of community, so it is only right we take all necessary measures to protect each other and all of our extended families at this time.

Let’s hope this does not need to be the case for too long, but already we see this will impact our Beginners course and likely jeopardize the early rounds of the Summer 5k league.

Please everyone stay safe, healthy, hand wash and do the right thing if you present any symptoms at all please isolate.

Again my heart is truly broken that we need to take such drastic action.

💜💛 Cookie 💜💛


Tuesday evening club runs – cancelled until notified

Thursday evening gym sessions – cancelled for 2020. That does not stop you doing the routines at home!

Beginners Course 2020 – postponed, start date to be determined. If you have encouraged anyone to take part, please let them know as we have no means of contacting them. If you have put any posters up, please could you remove them and destroy as dates will be wrong

Summer circuits from 2nd April – postponed, start date to be determined

First Aid course 22nd April – cancelled, to be re-arranged

Running outside on your own – not cancelled! Keep fit